Government Contracts: 

Encore welcomes government contractors. We have experience working with federal and municipal government on large scale contracts.
Private Sector Contracts: 

We have experience with large construction companies working on and off site construction jobs.
Brokerage Services: 

No job too small or too big. We hold these truths to be evident in our practice. We provide transportation for your construction materials and/or construction equipment staging, into or away from your project site at the best price and in the most efficient time.

  • Less Than Truckload  (LTL)

  • Inter modal

  • Truckload

  • Specialty Freight

  • And more…


We believe there is no job too big and no job too small.

Any industry.

                       Any business.

                                                Any time.

  • We offer a wide range of multi modal freight services including LTL, Inter modal, Truckload, and much more.

  • Whether it’s land, sea, or air; we’ve got you covered.


Equipment: Lease & Rental

Encore can rent of lease you any of the following pieces of equipment:

Agricultural machinery and equipment, Audio visual equipment,

Carpentry equipment, Carpet and rug cleaning equipment, Compressor, air and gas,

Farm equipment,Farm tractors,Floor sanding machines,Floor waxing equipment, Furniture, institutional,

Garden tractors,Generators ,

Industrial trucks ,


Manufacturing machinery and equipment, Material handling machinery and equipment,

Medical equipment (except home health furniture and equipment) ,Metalworking machinery and equipment,

Mobile office building, Modular building, Motion picture equipment,

Pallets, Plumbing equipment,Power washers, Public address systems,

Renting coin-operated amusement devices (except concession operators)

Sawmill machinery ,Scaffolding, Scenery, theatrical, Skids, Sound and lighting equipment,

Telecommunications equipment,

Textile machinery,

Theatrical equipment (except costumes),

Tractors farm,

Tractor garden,

Truck, industrial,

TV broadcasting and studio equipment,

Vending machine rental,

Woodworking machinery and equipment.



We can supply building materials and aggregates for your project.


Our NAICS codes allow us to do the following:

Agents and brokers, durable goods, wholesale trade

Agents and brokers, non durable goods, wholesale trade

Automobile auctions, wholesale

Durable goods agents and brokers, wholesale trade

Non durable goods agents and brokers, wholesale trade

Petroleum brokers


Operations: We understand the value of moving through the value chain of your business. Allow us to help you arrange your product in an efficient manner from raw material to finished product.
Supply Chain Management: Whether you have JIT Inventory practices or MRP, we understand the ins and outs of how to have your material arrive.
Air/Land/Sea Transportation Forwarding: We have extensive knowledge and experience on how to move product forward from producer to the final point of distribution.
Intermodal Transportation: Our wide network of asset-based companies allows us ease of movement. Whether it starts on a truck and ends up on a train, we know the business.
Logistics Contracting: We have experience in all types of logistics, and as such know the language associated with ensuring effective contract agreement.
Intermediary/ Brokerage Services: We aim to maintain a symbiotic relationship with both our clients and partners. Our experience in this field allows us to assist in any matters regarding the aforementioned.
Logistics Sales: With many years of corporate sales under her belt, our founder Trish Adams can assist in helping to “make the sale” or to get the best deal from the sales representative. We can help in purchasing management and trucking for less.

With over 35 years of experience in this industry, we’d love to offer any advice we have to aid in your everyday operations. Encore has experience working with many different facets of the logistics industry.

  • Operations

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Air Transportation/ Forwarding

  • Ground Transportation/ Forwarding

  • Sea Transportation/ Forwarding

  • Intermodal Transportation

  • Logistics Contracting

  • Intermediary/ Brokerage Services

  • Logistics Sales

The aforementioned are just a few examples of the many involvements regarding logistics that Encore has knowledge .



This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing operating advice and assistance to businesses and other organizations in areas, such as: (1) manufacturing operations improvement; (2) productivity improvement; (3) production planning and control; (4) quality assurance and quality control; (5) inventory management; (6) distribution networks; (7) warehouse use, operations, and utilization; (8) transportation and shipment of goods and materials; and (9) materials management and handling.

Freight rate or tariff rate consulting services
Productivity improvement consulting services
Inventory planning and control management consulting services
Transportation management consulting services
Manufacturing management consulting services

A logistics brokerage is a company that serves as the intermediary between a company in need of shipping services and a company that is an authorized motor carrier. Brokerage is Encore’s main focus. We are a 3PL with a large network of asset based resources who can move your freight with quality. Land, Sea, or Air.

  • LTL

  • Intermodal

  • Truckload

  • Inbound

  • Outbound

  • And more…



We can supply the following units for daily, weekly and monthly rates:

Dump Trucks,

Flat Bed Trailers,

Power only,

Reefer trailers,

Logging trucks,

Box Trucks,

Hot Shots,


Tow Trucks 



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